• That depends on the damage. The best way is to see a sail at our site. Alternatively, a picture of the damage by mail. In this case, it might be possible that we will find more damages that were not apparent in the photo. In this case, we will contact you.


  • Often the wear is due to sharp mast grooves of carbon masts. The same luff, in combination with an alumast, can last 10 years without any problem. Unfortunately, the wear on the luff can hardly be prevented. Generally you should carefully push or pull up the sail up the mast.

  • We have gained a lot of experience with different logistics partners over the last 10 years. For good reason, we ship only with UPS. As far as prices are concerned, we are bound to UPS. Here are our prices without VAT:



    Small packages = € 07.00

    Sailing box up to a size of 194x29x28 cm = 40,00 €

    Sailing box up to a size of 250x30x30 cm = 85,00 €


    Small packages = 20,00 €

    Sailing box up to a size of 194x29x28 cm = 80,00 €

    Sailing box up to a size of 250x30x30 cm = 150,00 €


    Small packages = 25,00 €

    Sailing box up to a size of 194x29x28 cm = 90,00 €

    Sailing box up to a size of 250x30x30 cm = 180,00 €

    In all other countries like the US or Australia, we have to calculate the prices individually. This also applies to larger packages that must be sent by freight carrier.

  • We often receive sails from our customers that are rolled up from the bottom up. Sure - the sail is pulled out of the mast and here you have no choice. We recommend to roll up the sail at this moment only loosely, because here the luff of the sail lays over the sailcloth and this becomes ever more wavy and softer. This soft cloth in the front of the sail is especially noticeable in sails that are pushed up, because the force can not be transferred so well. It is best to roll up your sail from top to bottom after sailing before it enters the sailbag. The battens can stay in the season. Over the winter we recommend to pull the battens completely out of the sail, otherwise they will twist. Sails must always be stored dry.


  • Generally, the choice of materials is open, depending on the boat class, there is the possibility to use the complete range of canvas canvas. Details can be discussed with us.


  • Of course we like to do it. To name a very rough price, we need the sail area. The price is of course very variable and varies according to the equipment of the sail.


  • We do not advise to measure your old sail yourself, depending on the age and condition of the sail the measurements can be wrong. It's better to send us the old sails and we'll do it for you. The best was is to get the measurements direct of on the boat.


  • This varies depending on the type of sail and the season. We have individual types of sails in stock and can deliver within a few days. Custom-made products take longer of course, depending on the season about 1-6 weeks.

    Beginning of the autumn and end of the sailings season it is going to be a bit quieter.

    From mid-January delivery times will be longer again.

  • We have a winter discount of 10% from October till the end of December. During the season we have always interesting used or test sails for a  reasonable prices on stock.

  • This is possible in most cases, please let us know when you would come by and we will clarify it with you.

  • Unfortunately, no. But as a sailmaker we have various ropes and fittings on stock, which may help you a bit.

  • The mast setting is nuts and bolts when the sails should work properly. Depending on the type of boat but the mast is a completely separate topic, you will find out more directly from us.